John Pollock & Sons

John Pollock & Sons
Dairy manufacturer prevents product leaks and ensures customer satisfaction through induction cap sealing John Pollock & Sons, a Scottish dairy plant, moved to induction sealing after a recommendation from its bottle supplier Nampak Industries. Since moving away from its old method of tear band seals, the company has gained increased security, extended shelf life and leak prevention.

Az indukciós palackzárásból eredő előnyök

Egyértelműen látható megbontás Ikon
Egyértelműen látható megbontás
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Increased Safety
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Szivárgás megelőzése

A dairy plant has gained leak prevention, extended shelf life and increased security for its milk after moving to induction cap sealing.

For years, the Scottish dairy John Pollock & Sons had been sealing its ‘ Fresh n Cool Milk 2 Go’ with a tear band closure.

In 2015 the company decided to move to induction cap sealing and was recommended Enercon’ s equipment by bottle producer, Nampak Plastics. “We used to use tear band closures before, and sometimes had issues with leaks,” said owner Ronald Pollock.

“We had heard about the benefits of induction sealing regarding security, shelf-life and leak prevention, and so we contacted Enercon.”

Every year, John Pollock & Sons produces 2.5 million litres of milk, which is supplied to hundreds of independent grocers, corner shops, hotel and restaurants across Scotland. Ensuring the quality of its final products, as well as customer satisfaction, is therefore essential to the brand.

Talking about the benefits of induction cap sealing, Mr Pollock said: “Preventing leaks ensures more consumer confidence and has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly due to the reduction in plastic weight.

“As well as increasing shelf life, an induction seal also looks better and it provides easier opening of the bottle.”

J Pollock and Sons is just one of the many dairy plants across Europe to have worked with Enercon Industries in obtaining strong and reliable seals for milk bottles.

Speaking about Enercon, Mr Pollock said: “Enercon specialists have been very helpful. “I would recommend them to other dairy companies, both for the product and the service.”

To find out more about the benefits of induction cap sealing in the dairy industry, click here, or to discover Enercon Industries’ range of induction cap sealing equipment, click here.

"A szivárgások megelőzése nagyobb fogyasztói bizalmat szerez és további előnye, hogy környezetbarát a műanyagsúly csökkentése miatt. Amellett, hogy hosszabb lesz a polcon tartható idő, jobban is néz ki és könnyebben nyitható ki a palack."
Ronald Pollock, tulajdonos, John Pollock & Sons