Leading syrup brand ensures product integrity and a cost effective process thanks to induction cap sealing Clarks, a leading manufacturer of syrup, honey and ice cream sauce, needed to maintain product freshness and extend shelf life. To achieve this while maintaining high production speeds, Clarks opted for induction cap sealing.

Az indukciós palackzárásból eredő előnyök

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Clarks, a leading manufacturer of syrup, honey and ice cream sauce uses induction sealing to meet its requirements for product freshness and tamper evidence.

Mark Leverington, Supply Chain Manager at Clarks, said: “It is important for our products to be fully sealed for both product integrity and tamper evidence, and for some products to maintain shelf life.

“Induction sealing offers a solution to both those problems and as foil liners can be included with closures, it avoids the requirements for additional process steps and machinery.”

In a single day, Enercon’s induction sealing machines seal over 36,000 bottles of maple syrup at Clark’s factory in Wales, UK.

Speaking about the equipment, Mr Leverington said: “We chose Enercon induction sealing equipment for its reputation within the industry for reliability.

“We have not had any issues with any of Enercon’s induction sealers since installation – not a single breakdown in over eight years.

“I wish other machinery would run this well.”

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"Az Enercon indukciós zárófólia hegesztő berendezését az iparágban megbízhatóságával szerzett hírneve miatt választottuk… Semmilyen gondunk nem volt semelyik Enercon indukciós zárófólia hegesztővel sem telepítésük óta – egyetlen üzemzavar sem volt nyolc év alatt. Bárcsak a többi gép is ilyen jól működne."
Mark Leverington, beszerzési lánc menedzser, Clarks